Should a practice outsource Billing to prepare for ICD-10?

A better way to prepare for ICD-10 / Duration: 50 mins

2015 is here, bringing with it one of the biggest industry changes to affect medical practices in years: the switch to ICD-10.

To know whether your billing department is ready for ICD-10 conversion and much more, watch this video.

Why should you watch this and avoid 100,000 other resources on ICD-10? Because this video is not a commentary on ICD-10!

In this video, Ken Edwards, Senior Billing Manager at CureMD, reviews the health of your in-house billing department to help you devise an implementable action plan to take ICD-10 heads on. Watch to cover the rigorous practice assessment phase for ICD-10 in less than an hour!

You will cover:

  • Checklist for identifying loopholes in your practice billing cycle
  • Viability of outsourcing billing before ICD-10 deadline
  • Benefits of in-house v/s outsourced billing post ICD-10

Who should watch this webinar?
Physicians, practice managers and others who are looking to learn about role of outsourcing billing in ICD-10 conversion.

About the presenter
Ken Edwards

A senior Billing Manager at CureMD, Ken has been liaising with clients and addressing their billing queries for over ten years. He works directly with providers to implement best practices that cut waste and make existing systems and processes more efficient and effective. He’s also a devoted soccer fan.